Dec 2017
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The LSCM R&D Centre is committed to researching and developing related technologies not only to support the logistics industry, but also to strengthen the logistics sector in various industries such as e-commerce and surveying. The two recent projects have been carried out to improve operational efficiency particularly for these two industries.

Develop 3D Geodatabase Framework for Hong Kong – A Lightweight 3D Seamless Spatial Data Acquisition System (SSDAS)


With the continuous urbanization of Hong Kong, the complexity and heterogeneity of spatial data in three- and temporal-dimensions raise new challenges to the traditional 2D geodatabases. Although the current OGC standard, CityGML 2.0, has already been tested in some cities in Europe, Singapore and Malaysia, its limitations make it cannot be directly applied to 3D GIS applications in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, smart city has been identified as one strategically important area for Hong Kong, and there is an urgent need to innovate corresponding key technologies, including 3D spatial data infrastructure.

This project aims to develop a 3D geodatabase framework for Hong Kong on the demand of Lands Department for its wide GIS applications for the whole Hong Kong, enabling its applications in effective and efficient 3D urban environment.

The developed geodatabase and the corresponding data capture system, SSDAS, will be widely utilized in many fields, including lands and resources surveying and management, civil engineering, autopilot, intelligent transport, highways maintenance and urban planning. These are the key areas that need spatial information infrastructure in Smart City. Although this system will be innovated in Hong Kong, it has a great potential to be further introduced to the markets in Mainland China and worldwide, due to its very practical features and technological innovations.
Spatial Big Data Analytics
Multiple Machine Cooperation and Self-leveling Technologies for Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV) in Warehouse Environment


Business of local warehouses has been challenged by increasing cost in manpower and floor areas. There is also additional pressure to provide more value added services such as handling small orders due to e-commerce. Usage of autonomous vehicle in warehouse can bring improvement in reducing manpower, more efficient use of floor area, quicker response to orders and more accurate operation. However, affordable autonomous vehicle system suitable for local warehouse has not been available in the market.

As such the LSCM R&D Centre has developed solutions and software to provide dynamic planning and cooperative control of actions of autonomous vehicles and also to develop application software technologies for the interaction between these vehicles and operators. The usage of the system will allow a dense placement of storage racks which are wholly managed by autonomous vehicles. The racks will be moved in accordance to the operational needs of the warehouse during operations of stock in, stock out and pick and pack. As orders are continuously feeding into the system, and tasks handled by human operators and autonomous vehicles may deviate from the plan, there will be ongoing needs of re-planning of tasks, vehicle movement trajectories and storage rack placement tactics. The dynamic planning software shall take all available input and provide support to ensure smooth operation of the combined human and robot workforce.

The cooperative control software will provide a real-time platform for all vehicles to share information and work well with each other on the factory floor.
Usage of autonomous vehicle in warehouse can bring improvement in reducing manpower, more efficient use of floor area, quicker response to orders and more accurate operation.
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