Dec 2017
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The LSCM R&D Centre undertakes a wide range of industry focused research projects and strives to facilitate the adoption of LSCM’s technologies by the relevant industries. The Centre thus endeavours to serve as an interface between academia and the logistics and supply chain management industry for partnership and licensing opportunities, as well as for the dissemination of knowledge to the relevant industries through a variety of business development services and marketing activities. For more information, please contact us on

LSCM’s Concrete Tag Design Used in Precast Concrete Facades for the Construction Industry


Construction projects nowadays are getting bigger in scale and more complicated. To face the pressing construction period as well as the stringent cost control requirements, it is crucial to accurately monitor the location, quantity and installation status of the building components.

Champion Lee Technology Limited has recently licensed the RFID concrete tag design from our Centre and the technology has been adopted by the construction industry. The RFID tags incorporated with the ‘RFID-Enabled BIM System for Construction’, which is developed by a local Building Information Modeling (BIM) Solution Provider - Vircon Limited, to facilitate the efficiency of operations and enhance installation accuracy in construction.

The solution can record the date and time of each RFID tagged precast concrete facades during manufacturing, delivery and onsite installation. The tracking data collected are used for project management. By using IoT, the typical construction objects are converted into smart construction objects. The useful data will be uploaded to the system through the internet and the RFID-enabled Gateway, so that authorized users can view and search the logistics workflow and manage the building components effectively.
The RFID concrete tag
Date and time of each RFID tagged precast concrete facades during manufacturing, delivery and onsite installation can be recorded in the system.
Result of Collaboration - an Excellent Low-profile Outdoor Antenna for the E-Tolling Industry


Star System International Limited (SSI) is a Hong Kong based company focused on development and deployment of RFID Technology in Vehicle Applications such as Tolling, Traffic Congestion Monitoring, Access Control and Electronic Vehicle. In its almost 5 years of existence, this Hong Kong headquartered company, has grown to become a world  technology champion in developing passive ISO 18000-63 (6C) UHF RFID transponders, readers, solutions and consulting services for vehicle identification systems. The company leverages its experience, technical expertise, training and professional support to deliver efficient and reliable integrated solutions to ensure customer success.

Since 2013, STAR Systems International has successfully sold millions of ISO 18000-63 (6C) transponders and hundreds of readers all over the globe. Countries such as the USA, Columbia, Chile, Philippines, Vietnam and Hong Kong all have looked to STAR to help them develop and deploy new systems that greatly improve the daily commutes and lives of local road users.

In its hometown of Hong Kong, Star Systems International has previously worked in conjunction with LSCM in the development of a 2-piece RFID transponder card which is now successfully being deployed with local toll operators and property management companies to improve vehicle identification applications.

In early 2017, seeing the worldwide increasing popularity of implementing UHF RFID solution in vehicle applications, SSI again collaborated with LSCM to develop an much needed special narrow beam & high gain, low-profile, outdoor antenna. Combining the expertise and experience of both SSI and LSCM, this new development is poised to become a critical component for new vehicle applications such as e-tolling, ERP (Electronic Road Pricing).  This new antenna when used with a high performance RFID reader allows systems designers to create a perfect read capture zone where it is critical to capture a Vehicle ID, Classification and Vehicle Classification, License Plate Photos, etc in a perfectly framed transaction. Along with its performance, the size and weight of the new antenna have been significantly reduced compared to other competitive products in the market while keeping the desired high-gain, focused-beam and performance. This reduced size and weight also makes this new antenna easier and safer to install and use on all roadways than, not to mention the various cost savings associated with a more compact unit. STAR and LSCM have created a perfect product at a perfect time for this fast growing application.  

All in All, countries and regions such as the USA, South America, Middle East, India, Africa and the ASEAN will all be able to benefit form this and other new cooperative developments by STAR Systems International and LSCM.
The size and weight of the antenna have been significantly reduced compared to other competitive products in the market while keeping the desired high-gain and focused-beam performance at the same time.
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