Dec 2013
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It is commonly known that RFID has been adopted in Supply Chain and Inventory Management to reach efficiencies. Indeed, it has a profound impact on many aspects of our daily lives and improves the quality of life as well as community services. Some may not be aware, this enabling technology can be deployed in retailing, payment systems, security control and even household appliance.

The hot topic about mobile wallet makes a splash in Hong Kong. Cashless payment and information exchange can be proceeded through NFC chips embedded in mobiles or SIM cards, which is a type of high frequency of RFID that enables device-to-device data transfer. The flexibility of the technology also enables users to utilize the phone as a loyalty card entitling them to special offers at the point of sale, facilitate return of products and recalls.

More importantly, RFID plays a key role in enhancing food safety. It can benefit supply chain of perishable goods to improve food chain visibility, provide information of food’s origin, track and trace the movement of food from production, distribution to the point of sale. On the other hand, consumers are able to access to the product information and better safeguard their interests, such as quality guarantee periods, test reports and customer evaluations.

The potential of RFID technology is enormous. With the evolution of RFID and other cutting-edge technologies, and more adoption of these technologies in the mass market, we would foresee the future of intelligence.

When a live pig attached with a RFID tag is passing through the passageway, the RFID reader installed at a gate will read its information to ensure food safety
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