Dec 2013
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The LSCM R&D Centre has actively initiated R&D projects to support the Logistics and Supply Chain industries in Hong Kong and Mainland China. A new funded project is carried out to enable wider outdoor Wi-Fi coverage.

Designing an Advanced Outdoor Wireless Router

Existing wireless networks have suffered limited coverage, broken connection, high interference with dynamic Wi-Fi blind spots created by moving objects (e.g. cranes and planes) and costly setup.

Collaborated with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Openplatform Technology Company Limited, this project has developed a multi-hop mesh network, and further enhances its outdoor Wi-Fi capability to facilitate efficient wireless communication and infrastructure access. The project runs until January 2014.

The proposed mesh router enables data traffic from different mobile devices efficiently connected to the Access Point (AP). Each node can intelligently decide which hop to forward its data to, so as to achieve the maximum bandwidth experience. The technology has been successfully deployed in the Logistics industry and users are able to enjoy an uninterrupted and satisfactory Wi-Fi experience, even in an outdoor environment.
Mesh routers have been installed at a container terminal to extend Wi-Fi coverage
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