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Transpacific IP is a leading IP management and consulting firm that specializes in acquiring, managing and licensing patent portfolios. With 5 offices across Asia, Transpacific IP is one of the largest and most well-established IP management and consulting firms in the region. We have over 80 employees, including patent engineers, technical analysts, attorneys and business specialists. Our in-house team is supported by over 100 external consultants and advisors, who are experts in specific technology fields and/ or leaders in the business world. Transpacific IP’s full range of services includes Strategic IP Services, IP Portfolio Management, Transaction Services, Patent Development Services, Commercialisation and Infrastructure Set up & Training. We have also built up domain know-how across a range of technology fields, including consumer electronics, computer software/ hardware, wireless communications, semi-conductor and the biomedical sciences. With appropriate IP management, a firm’s IP portfolio is a valuable strategic and financial asset. We help our clients determine what technologies to acquire to give them freedom to operate and to position themselves for future success. In addition to helping realize true value of their IP, proper IP management mitigates the significant costs of maintaining IP portfolios. At Transpacific IP, we help our clients protect and capture the value of their IP in a cost effective manner. For clients who wish to manage their IP in-house, we help our clients set up an efficient IP infrastructure or improve existing processes, to enhance their ability to manage and generate greater value from their IP assets. Tapping on our global network of domain, business and scientific experts, we uncover hidden opportunities, provide strategic guidance and operational support through every step of the IP commercialization process. Clients can leverage upon our global network to reach a larger pool of potential licensing and strategic partners, maximizing the benefits of their R&D efforts and IP assets.