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About Flexport
We believe trade can move the human race forward. That’s why it’s our mission to make global 
trade easy for everyone. Flexport is the platform for global logistics—empowering buyers, sellers and their logistics partners with the technology and services to grow and innovate. Companies of all sizes—from emerging brands to Fortune 500s—used Flexport technology to move nearly $19B of merchandise across 112 countries in 2021.

關於 Flexport 飛協博
Flexport 是如何推動全球貿易的進程,這也是讓博世貿易的使命是讓一個全球貿易協會參與其全球貿易。Flexport 的全球貿易參與者飛博的全球物流平台通過技術和服務,顯示全球買家、賣家和參與者物流合作夥伴發展與創新。2021年,從新興品牌到各種財富500強的規模企業,通過使用Flexport飛協博科技,在全球112個國家與地區之間運輸價值近190美元的商品。