DAY 1 (29 Sep 2016)

Winning the Belt and Road Opportunity with Hong Kong’s Technology Strengths

Registration and Networking
Welcome Remarks
Dr Sunny CHAI, Chairman of Board of Directors, LSCM R&D Centre
Opening Remarks
Dr David CHUNG, JP, Under Secretary for Innovation & Technology, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
IoT, eCommerce and Smart City’s Opportunities in the Belt-and-Road Region 
Hon Frankie YICK, JP, Legislative Councillor (Transport), The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
The strategic initiative of development “The New Silk Road Economic Belt” and “The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, also known as “One Belt One Road”(OBOR) was proposed by President Xi Jin Ping in 2013.  The initiative is to foster connectivity and cooperation by linking up China with European countries through Central and Western Asia, as well as Southeast Asia and Africa.  The OBOR helps stimulate the economic development of the region and promote international trade and logistics.  Hong Kong should further build on the competitive advantages and make use of the information technology platform to capitalize the opportunities surrounding OBOR and to maintain Hong Kong’s position as a leading international and regional logistics and transportation hub.
LSCM’s Innovation and Technology Achievement 
Mr Simon WONG, Chief Executive Officer, LSCM R&D Centre
Coffee Break
Keynote Speech
Mr Andy TUNG, Chief Executive Officer, Orient Overseas Container Line Limited
Opportunities in the Belt-and-Road Region 
Mr Kelvin KO, Chief Executive Officer, Cathay Pacific Services Limited
  • The Belt-and-Road Initiative
      • Economic corridors
      • Vision and objectives
  • Hong Kong Positioning
  • Opportunities
      • Facilities connectivity
      • Unimpeded trade
      • People-to-people bonds
Panel Discussion - Opportunities of “Belt-and-Road” Initiative
Moderator: Mr Simon WONG, Chief Executive Officer, LSCM R&D Centre

  • Ir Stephen CHAN, President, Hong Kong Logistics Association 
  • Mr Eric WONG, Chairman, Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association 
  • Mr Sunny HO, Executive Director, The Hong Kong Shippers’ Council 
  • Mr Edmon FUNG, Managing Director, OYM Logistics 
10th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon
Establishing the New World Trade Rules in the e-Commerce Era through Shenzhen-HongKong Collaboration 
Dr Witman HUNG, JP, Principal Liaison Officer for Hong Kong, Shenzhen Qianhai Authority
Opportunities of 'Belt and Road Initiative' - A Human Capital Perspective
Dr Dorothy CHAN, BBS, Immediate Past International President, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport / Deputy Director, HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education
China’s Belt and Road Initiative has presented unprecedented opportunities for over 60 countries along the modern Silk Road. To date the Silk Way has been rightly focused on infrastructure development and the investment that is needed on rail, road and port construction. The value of all these investment will bring new dimensions to the movement of goods and people, a new wave of multimodal products, various supply chain operators and different types of customers.
With branches in 33 countries, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport include a large number of member countries along the Belt and Road. They have different visions on what the Belt and Road opportunities would mean from the country’s perspective and there are useful ideas for sharing.
Regional co-operation is a necessity and a key development which is less talked about is the importance of professional resources to support the massive and long term Belt and Road Initiative. Transport and supply chain professionals will find their place in important board room decisions and we need to build up the human resources and the awareness on the importance of professional development in competing for opportunities under the Belt and Road Initiative.
Coffee Break
High Efficient and Intelligent Logistics Fuels “The Belt and Road Initiative”
Mr Charlie LEE, Vice President of Business Development, Amazon Global Logistics China
Mr Jamie Haniff RAMLEE, General Manager, Global Halal Support Centre

* Programme rundown is subject to change without prior notice