Networking Opportunities

The following participating guests agreed to share their contact details for networking purpose.

Company Name Title Contact Email

Airport Authoity Hong Kong

Lawrence C.H. Yau

Chief Communication Officer

2188 7866

Asia Airfreight Terminal Co Ltd

Adrian Yuen

IT Application Manager

2949  7715

Asia Airfreight Terminal Co Ltd

Alex Loa

Airfreight Service Manager

2949 7867

Asia Airfreight Terminal Co Ltd

Yvonne SO

Senior Manager - Operational Excellence

2949 7693

Bausch & Lomb (Hong Kong) Ltd

Danny Hui

Senior Supply Chain Manager

2213 3061

Bayer HealthCare Limited

Alan Wong

Strategic Projects and Innovation Management

2814 7337

Big China Capital Investment Limited

Dan Chow

Chief Executive Officer

6776 3827

BPS Global Group

Manfred K.T. Ho

Assistant Manager - Property Division

2763 6874

BPS Global Group

Raymond N.M. Chu

Property Agent

2768 6874

China Intelligence Technologies Ltd

Ben Li

Managing Director

2715 3483

Construction Industry Council

Belle Ho

Manager - Council Services

2100 9053

Das Aviation Services Group

Angel Cheung

General Manager

2215 0325

DataDevelop Consulting Ltd.

Annie Chan

Business Development Manager

2312 6038

DigiMobi Technology Limited

Henry Mak

Account Manager

2310 0226

Dr Ho's Choice Compnay Limited

Dr Angus Ho

International Coach Federation Master Coach Certifictication

3972 6060

Effective Electronic Technologies Ltd

Dr Angus Ho

Group General Manager

2686 0089

Energy Use Strategy Advisors

Robert C Allender

Managing Director

2834 4701

Epilog d.o.o.

Damjan Perenic

Technical Director

386 (0)1 583 80 13

Esquel Enterprises Limited

Leung Ho Chung

Senior Manager, Import and Export

2960 6530

Gammon Construction Limited

Yeung Wang Sun, Vincent

Innovation Leader

2695 6319

GeoSys Hong Kong Limited

Andy Lam

Marketing Manager

3621 4715

Golden Fame Shipping Limited

Suri  Zhang

Head of Corporate Affairs

3962 4007

GP Eectronics (HK) Limited

Wilson Tse

Logistics Manager

2410 7937

Group Sense Mobile-Tech Ltd.

Francis Li

Executive Director, Marketing & Bisiness Development

2832 8209

GS1 Hong Kong

Alvin Wong

Solutions Sales Manager

2863 9755

GS1 Hong Kong

Anson Poon

Supply Chain Consultant

2863 9780

Hang Seng Management College

Dr Mo Yiu Wing, Daniel

Assistant Professor, Department of Supply Chain Management

3963 5239

Heha Digital Health Limited

Marky Mak

Head of Operations

2660 3325

Hitachi East Asia Ltd.

Edmond M.C. Chu

Manager, Information & Telecommunication Systems Group

2265 6105

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited

Ken Lau

Head of Commecial and Customer Relations

2753 2012

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited

Lee Ying Chiew

Manager - Performance Enhancement Team

2753 2319

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited

Pango Tse

Manager - Performance Enhancement Team

2753 2323

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited

Sio Hon Biu

Assistant Manager - Performance Enhancement Team

2753 2309

Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited

Ray Chen

Business Improvement Leader

2767 6257

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute

Dr Andrew Wat

Director, Data Analytics

3406 2998

Hong Kong Courier Association; Boxz Lockers Ltd

Gary Ng

Chairman; Director

3428 2305

Hong Kong Logistics Association

Thomas Yip

Certified Logistician

2777 9656

Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency

Fanny Li

Asistant Manager, Business Development

2202 9323

Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation

David Chin

Senior Consultant, Strategic Planning and Market Research

2629 6795

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Joe Leung

Senior Marketing & Customer Service Manager

2584 4062

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Vincent Wong

Asistant Manager, Mainland Relations 

2584 4581

Hospital Authority

Fred W.C. Chan

Senior Manager (Patient Safety & Risk Management)

2300 6253

Hospital Authority

Raymond Cheung

Senior Systems Manager

2300 6747


Hospital Authority

Stephen Lam

Cluster Manager

2468 5910

ICO Group Limited

Alvin Yong


2891 5397

Innomass Technology Company Limited

Walter Lam

Operations Director

3583 7795

International Electronic Labelling Limited

Wong Ming

Director (R&D, Innovation)

2897 7725

ITS Products Limited

Ray Lam


2720 1198

Kerry Freight (Hong Kong) Ltd

Alvin Wong

General Manager - Sales & Key Account Management

2211 9353

Kerry Freight (Hong Kong) Ltd

Ernest Cheung

Senior Manager - IT Services

2410 3140

Korn Ferry

Alvin Ng


2971 2729


Iris S. Gao

Associate Director; Advisory, Management Consulting

2847 5196

Lat-LONG Consultancy

Wing-Cheung Tse


9366 5276


Benny Ng

General Manager - Vendor Support Service

2300 3200

Look's Asset Management Limited

Timothy Shen


3620 2811

Maxim's Caterers Ltd.

Elaine Kwok

Head of Audit

2248 8800

New Sky Internet Limited

Jacky Hung

Senior Sales Manager

3575 1777

Novation Solutions Limited

William W L Poon

Senior Vice President - Business Development

3699 3148

Occupational Safety & Health Council

Dr Winson Yeung

Principal Consultant

2116 5692

Openplatform Technology Company Lmited

Dr Steven Yip

Business Development Manager

2749 1011

Oriental Press Group Ltd

Katy Wing-yan LAW

Financial News Reporter

3600 7777

P2 Mobile Technologies Limited

Michelle Fung

Marketing Officer

3468 6952

Peace Map Technology Co. Ltd

Yip Chun Wing

Project Director

2157 2173

Popmap Ltd

Rachel Mewett

Marketing Manager

6684 9987

RFID System & Supplies Limited

Nigel Leung

Assistant Technical Manager

2369 8181

RFID System & Supplies Limited

Sharon Ho

Business Development Manager

2369 8181

Ricardo Lee & Associate Law Office

Ricardo K.M. Lee

Solicitor, China Appointed Attesting Officer

2191 1668

SecurePro Technology Security System Ltd.; SP Innovation and Technology Ltd.

Yunia Leung

Sales and Marketing Officer

2682 0089

SEKO Logistics

Eddie Lee

E-Commerce Director, Greater China

3195 3188

SKY BRIGHT Consultancy

Dr Y.M. Wong


2525 5211

Smart City Maker Lmited

Iris Vong

Project Coordinator

3421 0560

Suga Electronics Limited

Bonnie Tsui

Logistic Manager

2953 0391

Ta Kung Pao (H.K.) Ltd

Ray Chan Cheuk Hong


2831 1753

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr Yong-Hong Kuo

Research Assistant Professor, CUHK Big Data Decision Analytics Research Centre

3943 9592

The HKUST MTM Alumni Association

Simon Law


9205 5871

The Hong Kong PolythchnicUniversity

Edmond Lam

Assistant Director, Institute for Entrepreneurship

3400 2803

TQM Consultants Co. Limited

Ir Dr Aaron W.K. Tong

Managing Director

2569 2883

Triple Eagle (Group) Ltd

Christa Chan

Marketing Manager

2359 2329

Tung Wah Group Hospitals

Kitty Chung

Community Services Officer (Elderly Services I)

2859 7604

Wing Wah Charity Foundation

Yeung Wing Wah


2155 5588