DAY 1 (19 Oct 2015)

The Development of eCommerce and eLogistics in Hong Kong

Registration and Networking
Welcome Remarks
Dr Sunny CHAI, Chairman of Board of Directors, LSCM R&D Centre
Opening Remarks
Ms Annie CHOI, JP, Commissioner for Innovation and Technology, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Keynote Speech
Mr Fred LAM, JP, Chief Executive Officer, Airport Authority Hong Kong
Hongkong Post: Responding to a Changing Landscape of Delivery Needs
Mrs Jessie TING, JP, Postmaster General, Hongkong Post, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
With the growth of e-commerce, postal operators worldwide are facing changes in the mailing behaviour and delivery needs of their customers. This presentation explains how Hongkong Post responds to these changes with customer-focused delivery solutions and technology-enabled tools for enhanced customer experience.
Coffee Break
E-commerce: What Does It Mean to the Logistics Industry?
Ir Dr Kelvin LEUNG, Chief Executive Officer, DHL Global Forwarding Asia Pacific
E-commerce is growing fast and is already part of the daily life-style of the younger generations and this is changing the landscape of the whole logistics industry.  Being the gateway to the China market, how can Hong Kong position herself for this change?
Seize Opportunities from “One Belt One Road”
Hon Frankie YICK, JP, Legislative Councillor (Transport Constituency),
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
The concept of “One Belt One Road” development strategy was first announced by President Xi Jin Ping in 2013. "One Belt" refers to the New Silk Road Economic Belt, linking China with Europe through Central and Western Asia, and "One Road" is the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, connecting China with Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe. “One Belt One Road” can help stimulate the economic development of the region and promote international trade and logistics. Hong Kong's trade and logistics development will definitely be benefited. Apart from enhancing Hong Kong's competitive advantages to seize opportunities of China's “One Belt One Road”, we should also make use of information technology to set up a “Single Window” platform to facilitate trade flow by allowing electronic data exchange regionally and internationally.
Capitalising on the Growth of e-Commerce
Mr Alan WONG, Group Vice President, SF Express
The e-commerce market continues to grow as more consumers embrace the convenience of online shopping. The increasing online sale transactions lead to greater demand for logistics. With the vision to become the most reliable and respectable express delivery company and business partner, SF Express is transforming itself to provide diversified solutions to meet the growing needs and capitalise on the market opportunities. In the conference, SF Express Group Vice President Mr Alan Wong is going to speak on the evolution of the company in the evolving e-commerce environment.
LSCM’s Innovation and Technology Achievement
Mr Simon WONG, Chief Executive Officer, LSCM R&D Centre
Networking Luncheon
e-Cheque: A New Definition of Cheque
Mr Clarence HUI, Senior Manager (Financial Infrastructure Development Division), Hong Kong Monetary Authority
In his presentation, Clarence will introduce the key features, benefits and operating model of e-Cheque, with the use of some demos to illustrate how e-Cheque can be used in daily lives.  Besides, he will share some use cases and the potential development of e-Cheque in the future. 
RFID-enabled Self Bag-drop at HKIA
Ir Paul WU, Deputy General Manager, Technical Services, Airport Authority Hong Kong
In line with the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s Fast Travel programme, Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) is working with the Airlines to implement the Self Bag-drop service at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) which will enhance passengers’ experience with a faster means to drop their luggage at the airport check-in. HKIA has made a unique design on the Self Bag-drop system integrated with customised RFID enabled barcode scanners (developed by the LSCM R&D Centre) to accept luggage with home printed bag tags. The processing time at the Self Bag-drop counters will be shortened significantly to achieve the fast-moving passengers with check-in luggage.
Coffee Break
Electronics as the Enabling Technology for M2M of IoT with Logistics, Supply Chain and Smart City Sectors
Ir Victor NG, Chairman, Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Association
Various Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can be conventionally categorised into tagging things, sensing things and embedded things. The tagging things provide seamless and cost-efficient item identification, allowing the things to be connected with the record in database. RFID are the most common tagging things for logistics and supply chain industry. Sensing things enable us to measure and detect changes in the physical status of the environment. They are important elements for smart city. While embedded things are smart embedded system that allow advanced features for logistics, supply chain and smart city applications.
Things are the “M” of M2M of IoT. In the talk, Mr Ng will share his views on how M2M technologies can be applied to logistics, supply chain and smart city sectors.
Enhancing the Independent Mobility of Visually Impaired People by Wireless Technology and Smartphone
Mr Navy HUI, Manager, Barrier Free Access (HK) Limited
A survey regarding environmental accessibility was conducted in September 2014. Most of the visually impaired (VI) strongly supported to develop new technology to help them navigate independently.
The LSCM R&D Centre has developed a RFID navigation system to enhance the mobility of VI users. With the help of the cane embedded with RFID reader and a smartphone application, the VI users can receive audio guidance to lead them to the destination.
40 VIs were invited to test the usability of this system. Majority of them agreed that it could help them find their ways in the premises and the audio guidance was clear and be easily understood. As a result of the positive feedback from VI users, further development of this system will be carried out.

* Programme rundown is subject to change without prior notice