Dec 2016
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The LSCM R&D Centre undertakes a wide range of industry focused research projects and strives to facilitate the adoption of LSCM’s technologies by the relevant industries. The Centre thus endeavours to serve as an interface between academia and the logistics and supply chain management industry for partnership and licensing opportunities, as well as for the dissemination of knowledge to the relevant industries through a variety of business development services and marketing activities. For more information, please contact us on

LSCM extends its RFID technologies to healthcare sector


Babies are one of the most vulnerable patients in a hospital. Ensuring infants’ security is critical, thus the best step a healthcare facility can take for newborns and their families is integrating a state-of-the-art baby tracking system. To cater for local needs, the Centre has developed a Baby Tag and Baby Tracking Management Control System for hospital environment, providing all-time security and peace of mind for mothers and staff.

The system was deployed by Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Tsuen Wan at its Obstetric Unit in early 2016. Since then about 700 babies have used this baby tracking system. Each infant is protected by wearing a small and comfortable tag which actively communicates with the monitoring system. The overall performance of the System is satisfactory with positive feedback from both the hospital and the parents as the monitoring system strengthens the security level in Obstetric Unit and is able to track babies’ location. 

The Centre’s Baby Tag and Baby Tracking Management Control System is an integrated system using active radio communication technologies to effectively track babies in hospital environment. Nurses of the ward can monitor the whereabouts of babies easily on the system’s screen. The Baby Tag adopts a double-ring circuit design which effectively reduces false-alarming and enhances security against malicious tempering, such as breaking of the tag, loosening or cutting of the strap, etc. It provides protection to new born babies against abduction by raising visual and audio alert when unauthorized movement of new born babies or attempt in tampering of the tag has been detected.
Babies at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Tsuen Wan are wearing the LSCM Baby Tags to enhance security.
Workstation at Obstetric Unit is equipped with online monitoring system.
Product Authentication with LSCM’s UHF RFID Encrypted Technology


LSCM Authen√Tick® is the Centre’s proprietary product authentication technology, which enables users along the supply chain to verify the authenticity of goods securely in order to provide assurances of product genuineness from the point of certified manufacturers to the point of retail. This solution avoids the pitfall endemic to conventional anti-counterfeiting methods and powers a reliable and trusted authentication platform that can even authenticate product labels using third-party operated readers and retain its integrity even when relying on unsecured data transmission in the Internet, making for seamless low-impact integration into existing user infrastructure.

The robustness of LSCM Authen√Tick® system allows it to work in tandem with different authentication mediums including but not limited to QR Code, UHF RFID and NFC technologies, which are bundled in the product authentication system.

Recognized these powerful functions, NF Systems Limited licensed LSCM Authen√Tick® and integrated into its developed smartphone application - “CertEasy®” for production verification with the use of QR Code, NFC & RFID. The solution enables industry stakeholders and consumers to verify product authenticity throughout the entire supply chain accurately and effectively.
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