Apr 2015
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The LSCM R&D Centre has been delivering cutting-edge technologies which cater to the needs of the logistics and supply chain industry. We embrace our responsibility to give back to the community, and therefore we have deployed the technologies to assist people in need. The Centre is now undertaking two R&D projects funded by Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF):
RFID-enabled Building Information Modeling (BIM) Platform for Prefabrication Housing Production in Hong Kong


The LSCM R&D Centre has worked in tandem with The University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Guangdong University of Technology and Hong Kong Housing Authority to map out a project on development of an RFID-enabled BIM platform (RBIMP). The research project aims to provide innovative technical deliverables for enhancing prefabrication housing production in Hong Kong.

The RBIMP will be supported by "smart construction objects" and RFID-enabled gateway. With the deployment of RFID in the process of prefabrication production, it minimises possible mistakes caused by lagged information, wrong installation and delivery, thus it will shorten construction project lifecycle and enhance overall productivity and efficiency.

The developed platform performs several key functionalities. It will improve information interoperability which allows seamless communication and coordination among multiple stakeholders, and thus enables a Just-In-Time (JIT) housing production. Efficient cross-border prefabrication logistics and supply chain management will potentially benefit the prefabrication housing production sector by enhancing the real-time information traceability, visibility, and interoperability.

The project has been started in March 2014 and will be ended in March 2016.
Development of Elderly Community IoT Infrastructure at the Clague Garden Estate


According to Hong Kong Population Projections 2012-2041 compiled by the Census and Statistics Department, there is 1.12 million (15.3%) population aged 65 or above in 2015 and the number will have doubled to around 2.37 million (29.9%) by 2025.

In consideration of the rapidly growing demand for public services and early institutionalisation by the ageing population, it is necessary to increase the opportunity for the seniors to stay in their homes with information technology assistance for helping the elderly maintain their independence by supporting their daily activities and increasing their interaction with neighbourhood.

In order to support the core principles on care for the elders: 'ageing in place' and 'continuum of care', the LSCM R&D Centre has teamed up with Hong Kong Housing Society and has launched a cluster of two trial projects at Clague Garden Estate in Tsuen Wan. These projects aim to assist the elderly to maintain their independence by supporting their daily activities, and increase interaction with their peer groups, family members or caregivers with the use of LSCM’s Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform and lightweight RFID reader.
  - IoT platform for elderly via Wi-Fi connection


Through installation of mesh Wi-Fi infrastructure in the estate, the senior residents will be able to stay in a smart community. Using different kinds of smart tools and sensing devices such as Point of Interest, “smart phone book”, “smart object”, public announcement, elderly-friendly video chat and “smart flushing tank”. The elderly can receive estate-to-resident announcement at home, have video chat with neighbours, and obtain information of the elderly lounge’s activities.

  - Low-cost reader and mobile apps for elderly


The LSCM R&D Centre has launched a handy and low-cost RFID reader with bluetooth connectivity in January 2015. The reader equips with a user-friendly mobile app which can provide audible information, aiding the elderly persons to connect with their families and friends at ease, and also make life more convenient.

The projects have a duration of 18 months from September 2014 to March 2016.
A senior resident of Clague Garden Estate uses a lightweight RFID reader to read information from a poster on the bulletin board
Officials from World Health Organization (WHO) (centre) visited Clague Garden Estate in October 2014 and tested LSCM developed technologies
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