Apr 2014
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CAS Logistics Limited

CAS Logistics Limited (CASL), concentrates in Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions, and is committed to equip logistics enterprises with solutions and assists them to achieve Logistics Industry Chain Enhancements (ICE). CASL provides high quality solution which is capable for both standardization and customization. CASL is positioned as one of the leading Supply Chain Learning Organizations to encourage logistics enterprises to develop their  own competence through technology co-development process. With innovative ideas and solutions, logistics enterprises are able to improve efficiency through process re-engineering and integration, and transforming from a simple e-business model to a value-added supply chain community. For more information, please visit www.caslog.com.hk.

CET International Co., Ltd

CET International Co., Ltd excels in the RFID arena. A full range of RFID products including contactless inlay, card, token and other special encapsulation products used for transportation, electronic payment, access control and identification applications around the world are manufactured. Also, CET is a leading supplier of RFID subway tokens and tickets. For more information, please visit www.cetech.com.hk.

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