Dec 2013
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To keep abreast of the LSCM R&D Centre’s development with the general public and industry professionals, the Centre has been publicizing its project deliverables via the media. Recently, the LSCM R&D Centre has been featured in some important local and overseas media:



Program / Article

Publication Date

Computerworld Hong Kong

Eu Yan Sang busts phony goods with RFID

September 2013 issue

Shippers Today

LSCM continues to push technology frontier

September – October 2013

Ming Pao Daily

LSCM物流高峰會匯聚業界菁英 探討物聯網及基礎定位服務

18 September 2013

Hong Kong Economic Times

LSCM物流高峰會 聚焦科技創新突破 走高增值路綫

19 September 2013



22 September 2013

Headline Daily


25 September 2013

Apple Daily

2013 物流高峰會 活用創新科技 打造智能未來

26 September 2013

萬聯網 ( (China)

LSCM物流高峰會 – 開拓科技嶄新領域提升應用帶動效益

26 September 2013

Sing Tao Daily

2013 LSCM物流高峰會 專家剖析物聯網的應用與前瞻

27 September 2013

RFID Journal (USA)

Hong Kong R&D Center Tests Anti-Counterfeiting Solution for Chinese Herbal Medicine

11 October 2013

TVB Jade

Finance Magazine

13 October 2013

Ming Pao Daily – E-Choice Supplement

LSCM研發中心 研發物流及供應鏈行業所需技術

17 October 2013

Ming Pao Daily

LSCM研發中心 推動科技發展

4 November 2013

Mr Simon Wong, Chief Executive Officer, LSCM R&D Centre was being interviewed by TVB for the TV program of "Financial Magazine"
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