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Delegation from Guangdong RFID Technology Service Centre (GDRC)
7-8 August 2008

It was our great honour and pleasure to receive a Guangdong delegation from different government bodies led by Dr. Li Yi, President of GDRC during 7-8 August. It was an excellent exchange opportunity for us to establish a strong collaboration with them as well as explore more GD-HK co-operation opportunities in the future. With the great assistance from our partners and members, they included Autotoll, DTTN, Hacis, Hong Kong Productivity Council, OnePort, Tradelink, the 2-day delegation was well organized. The delegation enjoyed the sharing sessions and was impressed by the demonstration conducted during the visits.

The delegation was impressed by the presentation delivered by our partners and members

Incu- Tech Programme Introductory Seminar 
5 September  2008


As the supporting organization, the LSCM R&D Centre is pleased to introduce the "Incu-Tech  Programme Introductory Seminar" organized by Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks (HKSTP). The programme has been established with an aim of assisting technology start-ups in their vulnerable inception stage. Incubation companies are entitled to around HK$1M of subsidies, which cover most of the expenses regarding services and supports during the three / four-year incubation period.


Remember not to miss the next session which is scheduled on 5 September.


Workshop for Software Developers 
5 September  2008

As one of the supporting organizations, the LSCM R&D Centre would like to invite you to join the "Workshop for Software Developers" organized by Hong Kong Productivity Council and the Hong Kong Logistics Development Council (LOGSCOUNCIL). 

This Workshop aims at transferring the skills to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) on how to connect to the DTTN and develop its compatible solutions to their target customers.

More Newly Funded Projects in 2008

Processing Trade Enterprises are experiencing significant difficulties in meeting requirements of periodic online supervision from China customs authorities.  A recently awarded project, namely, "RFID-Enabled Real-Time Manufacturing Shop-floor Information Infrastructure for PRD Processing Trade Enterprises" (GHP/042/07LP), aims to develop an easy-to-deploy shop-floor information infrastructure for manufacturing companies to achieve real-time and seamless dual-way connectivity and interoperability between applications systems at enterprise, shop-floor, work-cell and device levels.  This project also strives to improve the visibility and traceability throughout the manufacturing processes.  This project is a joint research and development collaboration between organizations in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province.


Food safety attracts a lot of public interests in China and Hong Kong.  The University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong will jointly participate in a Guangdong-Hong Kong collaborative research project, namely "RFID-enabled Platform Technology for the Integrated Shenzhen-Hong Kong Food Safety and Supply Chain Management Public Information Platform" (GHP/024/07LZ). This project targets to facilitate the integration of supply chain management amongst the enterprises across the regions and enable their seamless information flow along the food supply chain from China to Hong Kong. A cross-border RFID-enabled public information platform will be studied and developed. RFID and sensoring technologies will also be deployed as enabling technologies.


To know more about the projects, please click on the project titles below:

Project Reference

Project Title


Approved Funding


RFID-enabled Platform Technology for the Integrated Shenzhen-Hong Kong Food Safety and Supply Chain Management Public Information Platform  

16 May 08 - 15 May 10



RFID-Enabled Real-Time Manufacturing Shop-floor Information Infrastructure for PRD Processing Trade Enterprises

1  July 08 -
30 June 10


MSC is now Zymmetry


MSC, one of our members, has been renamed to Zymmetry recently. Let's share more about the background and solutions provided by Zymmetry.


About the Zymmetry Group

Founded in 1989 as MSC Limited, the Zymmetry Group is a leading global sourcing and manufacturing solutions provider for the apparel industry.  Headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in New York and China, the Zymmetry Group has customers ranging from global brands based in the United States, to large global manufacturing enterprises based in Asia. Since the release of its first apparel solution in 1995, the Zymmetry Group has delivered innovative technology solutions to more than 300 corporate customers with more than 100,000 global users.


Zymmetry Solutions

The Zymmetry spectrum of solutions can benefit vertical retailers, global brands, wholesalers, exporters, trading companies, buying offices and manufacturers in the apparel industry. Our solutions include a combination of enterprise software and hi-tech innovation which are intended for customers positioned in different stages of the supply chain. Zymmetry solutions are developed with a combination of client/server and web technologies. The followings are some of the key solutions offered by Zymmetry.


 is a supplier relationship management solution which incorporates workflow not only for product development but also for translating projected demand into finished good commitments.


 coordinates sample and production management, order processing, inventory management across multiple offices and factories.


 offers a complete and leading solution from the management of workplace data to the provision of a platform for management analysis in apparel industry.


For more information, please visit

Congratulations to Convergence Systems Limited (CSL)

CS101 UHF Handheld Reader Wins Gold Medal for Most Innovative RFID Product

The LSCM R&D Centre had introduced the new milestone of Convergence Systems Limited (CSL),  one of our  members in May this year, here comes the good news again. CSL's CS101 UHF Reader has been awarded the Gold Medal for "Most Innovative EPC/ RFID Product" by GS1/EPC Global Hong Kong on 25 Aug.

CSL is extremely proud of receiving this Gold Medal. The award shows that  their commitment to developing best-of-breed UHF RFID products is recognized by the RFID industry.  The LSCM R&D Centre here congratulates CSL once again.

The CS101 is available in production quantities immediately. For more information about CSL or CS101 UHF Handheld Reader, please visit

BISA brings innovation to the Active RFID Market



BISA joined us as Technology/Solution Provider member in 2007. BISA  stands  for  BIS Automation  was  once  an IT department of BIS Oilfields Supply and Engineering Ltd., a leading supply  house serving oil and  gas companies in Hong Kong and China for more than 20 years. BIS Oilfields and BISA are wholly owned by BIS Investment (Holdings) Ltd.

BISA, was officially registered and inaugurated in 2004 in Hong Kong diversifying for business in connection with research and development of the wireless and active RFID products suitable for all industries, particularly in logistics, surveillance and security, identity and labeling, asset tracking etc. After intense efforts spent in the past 3 years purely on R&D processes, today BISA considers itself as the most innovative producer in active RFID market. BISA provides a wide range of solutions and products, they include:

  • Addressing Tag

  • Temperature Sensor Tag

  • Vibration Sensor Tag

  • Active Configurable Tag (Credit Card & Strip Format)

  • Wrist Tag

  • TCP/IP Gain Adjustable Reader

  • WiFi Gain Adjustable Reader

  • USB Portable Reader

  • Can-bus Industrial Reader

  • Temperature Log

  • Temperature Controller

  • Intrinsic-safe Asset Reader

  • Intrinsic-safe Asset Tag

  • Industrial Reader

For more information, please visit

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