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2008 Guangdong-Hong Kong RFID Technology Application Summit
23 July 2008 


Co-organized by the LSCM R&D Centre and the Guangdong RFID Technology Service Centre (GDRC) with support and guidance from the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer of the HKSAR Government (OGCIO) and Department of Information Industry of Guangdong Province (GDIID), the "2008 Guangdong-Hong Kong RFID Technology Application Summit" was held on July 23 this year. It aims to foster Hong Kong and Mainland China partnership in promoting RFID adoption and logistics and supply chain enabling technology.


It was our great honor to have Ms. Yanling Wang, Director of GDRC and Dr. Frank Tong, Director of Research and Technology Development of the LSCM R&D Centre, to be our Master of Ceremony in the event. Many important guest speakers from industry and technology partners as well as researchers from both mainland China and Hong Kong were invited to give speeches in the areas of Guangdong-Hong Kong collaborating projects, RFID adoption, research and industrialization.  Another highlight of the event was the panel discussion among the expertise from the technology providers and industry users on the topic of RFID & Sensor-based Technologies for PRD Logistics led by Dr. Terry Ye, Director of Research and Technology Development of the LSCM R&D Centre.  During the panel discussion, both panelists and audiences participated actively in the exchange of views and shared invaluable insights.


The active participation of researchers, technology companies and user groups was truly impressive, hundreds of participants made the Summit a success.



The speeches delivered by the guest speakers 
particularly interested the audience of
industry and technology partners

 Many important guests from OGCIO, LSCM and
   experts from both Hong Kong and mainland
China participated in the event

A new corner sharing the news of our funded projects ...... 


Beginning this month, we are glad to launch a new section in the eNews to introduce the projects funded by the LSCM R&D Centre. In this issue, we would like to provide more information on the newly funded projects in 2008, and continue to share more about the progress and updates of different projects.


With the fast-changing technologies nowadays, only the adoption of the relevant technology could provide the optimal advantage to the players in the logistics and supply chain community to lead the market. Named "A Market Intelligence Study on Enabling Technologies for Industries related to Logistics & Supply Chain Management" (ITP/036/07LP), the project aims to empower the community players in this manner on production and adoption of relevant technologies.


RFID tagging is becoming a necessity in the product packaging industry. "Package-specific RFID Tagging and Embedding Technology" (GHP/046/07LP) is a project that aims to design product specific RFID tags which are tuned and optimized for the packaging materials and different form factors to cope with the current industry needs.


Along with the popular adoption of RFID tags on the products, the consumers are beginning to aware of the privacy and security issues brought by the RFID tags. The project "Trustworthy RFID Technologies: Methodology and Practice" (GHP/044/07LP) will therefore focus to develop a set of trustworthy RFID methodologies for the market.


Utilization of smart containers embedded with RFID and e-seal will become popular as it is crucial for the realization of containerized global supply chains and international green lanes across the world.  A Shenzhen-Hong Kong collaborative project, namely "Interoperability Technology and Applications for Container RFID and e-seal" (GHP/025/07LZ) is aimed to develop smart container with RFID, e-seal, information platform system as well as to do R&D work on corresponding interoperable middleware and gateway technologies.


To know more about the projects, please click on the project titles below:


Project Reference

Project Title


Approved Funding


A Market Intelligence Study on Enabling Technologies for Industries related to Logistics & Supply Chain Management


 01 Jan 08

-31 Dec 09



Package-specific RFID Tagging and Embedding Technology


 20 May 08 -19 Nov 09



Trustworthy RFID Technologies: Methodology and Practice


 01 Apr 08  -31 Mar 10



Interoperability Technology and Applications for Container RFID and e-seal


 01 Jun 08  -31May 10



Project Updates

A Market Intelligence Study on Enabling Technologies for Industries related to Logistics & Supply Chain Management (ITP/036/07LP):


l            Hong  Kong  Logistics  and  Supply  Chain  Industry  Survey, a web-enabled questionnaire was launched in June 2008 for industry practitioners to contribute input. Don't miss the opportunity to share your invaluable opinions by August 31, 2008.

l            The result of the Survey will be disseminated to industry members and the general public by means of events, eNews and other online channels.  A  progress  update on the first batch of sample data collected from June 2008 through July 2008  will soon be released.


Welcome to LSCM - Vizilog Solutions Ltd.



Vizilog Solutions is a system integrator  specializing in RFID (UHF-Ultra high Frequency) technology providing design, installation and integration of hardware/software, integration, implementation and training, a complete solution of the RFID system.


We also specialize in OEM logistics system study, design and warehouse solutions. Our mission is to develop practical RFID applications and provide enterprises the tools and technology for automatic data collection and usage, improving response and competitive capabilities to meet the ever complex and fast moving business environment. The provision of real time data improves visibility and efficiency. We cater to enterprise decision makers' need for useful data and resource management.

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Established in 2003, Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association (RTIA) is a non-profit trade association which targets to accelerate the development and usage of retail and payment technologies locally and to promote the experience outside Hong Kong. RTIA also aims to advance the professional standards of software and hardware development in related technologies' application.


Our Objectives:

  • To promote and improve the standard of competence, recognition and profitabliity of the retail technology industry
  • To enhance the competitiveness and to safeguard the interests and opinions of the retails technology industry
  • To promote the awareness and usage of retail and payment technologies
  • To provide a platform for experience sharing and partnership facilitation within the retail technology industry
  • To provide channels of communication among the members and to foster co-operations
  • To represent members to express and reflect common concern to the government or any legistation policies which may affect the common interests  of the members

In order to  achieve the objectives of the Assocation, RTIA organizes different activities such as exhibitions, conferences, seminars, gatherings, overseas studies and competitions with the purposes to facilitate sharing of commercial and technology ideas among members, and to expand business networks.

Fore more details, please refer to RTIA's website at  www.hkrtia.org or contact us at  2943 2936 or send email to: contact@hkrtia.org.

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