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To develop core technological competencies and enhance efficiency in the logistics and supply chain industries, LSCM R&D Centre has undertaken industry-oriented research projects involving businesses and universities. R&D projects funded by the Centre range from the use of RFID in applications for manufacturing shop-floors, retail and distribution use, freight tracking and locating (indoor and outdoor) to monitoring personnel in hospitals, as well as electronic lock (E-lock) technology to secure transshipment cargo containers. LSCM's  technology roadmap is demand-driven with an emphasis on enabling industries to innovate and move up the value chain. This roadmap focuses on six major areas:

  1. Infrastructure Information Technology System
  2. Internet-of-Things (IoT) and RFID Technology
  3. Location-based Service (LBS) Technology
  4. Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics and Applications
  5. Supply Chain Security (Authentication / Logistics Security)
  6. Financial Services & e-Commerce Technology
For more details regarding our research projects, please refer to our Project Database